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We want to develop the inter-continental Roundnet community by welcoming ballers from around the globe. However, to maintain the integrity of the EURA tour series we have introduced some eligibility requirements ! 

Ranking Eligibility Requirements:

All ranked teams must consist only of Eligible European Players to be ranked as a team, however, in the case where one player is European, the European player can receive ranking points toward the individual ranking system.


Tournament Requirements: 

1.EURA Grand Slams:

All teams must have at least 1 European eligible player

2. EURA Championship:

All teams must be made fully of European eligible players


A player must fulfill at least one of the following requirements to be EURA rankings eligible:

  1. Be a citizen of a European country

  2. Be a permanent resident of a European country

  3. Hold a valid immigrant visa for a European country

  4. Have lived in Europe before the start of the season. 

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