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Euros Squads 2023

Squads are detailed on this document: link.

Make sure your squad has not changed and verify which teams are playing against each other before each game.

Euros Format 2023

The European Roundnet Championship 2023 will consist of two events. On Saturday, there will be a men's and women's tournament (with a closed and a non-closed division). On Sunday, there will be a squad tournament.



During this day, you may partner up with any player of any country. There will be different divisions sorted by skill level that are open to everyone.


There will be also be a closed 16-team Pro division for women's and for open


Qualifying for Open Pro:

The ETS team rankings for the open Pro division will take the best two results of the European Tour Series from the gold division for open.

If a player is in the top 16 with two different partners, he can decide who he is going to play with in the closed division. The other player will not be able to play in the Pro Division. If a team that finishes in the top 16 decides to not participate at Euros, other teams will move up.

Qualifying for Women's Pro:

After getting feedback from the women's roundnet community, the Women's Pro division will have an individual ranking that determines a team score.


All women's teams must sign-up for the women's advanced division and the top 16 teams with the highest team score will be moved into the Pro division. Each player will have an individual ranking based of their top 2 results of the ETS season. Their team score will be calculated by taking the sum of both players individual ranking.


For the squad tournament, NGBs can choose their national team which will consist of three women's teams and three men's teams who play together in the same squad. Individual and team rankings  from the ETS season will be provided by EURA to help NGBs. The only requirement for players to be eligible to play for their country is that the player has to have taken part at one ETS event (the ETS Championship on Saturday can count and make a player eligible for the Squads European Championship).

In a matchup between two countries, the winner is decided by which squad won more of their games (e.g. one country wins 4 of their 6 games, they won the match against the other country). The women's teams and men's teams will be competing together as a squad. In case the matchup ends with a 3-3, there will be another deciding match. The deciding match will take one woman and one man from the 6 teams of the squad to create a mixed team (predetermined at the beginning of the tournament) that will compete in a single set to 21.


NGB Questions & Answers

Q: Deadline to send squad decisions ?

A: Send your squad players and teams (ranked with team 1, 2, and 3), including the mixed team by August 30th by email. If you have them earlier, feel free to send them earlier as well. Please also send us the names of your alternates, if you have any. Also, sign the 3 women's and 3 men's teams up via Fwango (a coupon can be used to register 2 free teams).

Q: Is the mixed team composed of new players or players that are in the women's and men's squad ?

A: Since it is only 1 set to 21, the mixed team will be composed of players that are already a part of the squad (3 women's teams + 3 men's teams).


Q: What are the eligibility requirements ?

A: Same as Worlds: be a citizen of the country, be a permanent resident of the country, have a valid immigrant visa for the country, have lived permanently in the country since before the start of 2023.


Q: What are the jersey requirements ?

A: For the squad championships, the jersey requirements are: team jerseys must be cohesive, teams must have matching jerseys and shorts and avoid simple colored jerseys (no white or black simple jersey, we do not want two different squads wearing the same jerseys, try to customize it if you can). You may put sponsors on the jerseys however you'd like and you can also reuse the shirts from Worlds if that is what you want to do. This decision was taken because we are not looking to add any financial stress to NGBs.


Q: When can alternates be used ? 

A : Substitutions can only take place before the weekend starts, or during the day in the case of an injury (the injured player is replaced by one alternate).


Q: Who can play at the ETS Championships ? 

A : The objective for the event is to get as many people to come participate and spectate. There are divisions for all levels, similarly to the other ETS events. Please help us in advertising the event and get spectators to come to the event and also to come play on Saturday if they'd like !

Q: What is the format for Squads on Sunday?

A: Sunday's European Squad Championship will go straight to brackets (meaning no group stage). We will be seeding countries subjectively based on different datasets: the World results (checking if the same players are participated at Worlds and Euros) and based on the data from the European season (points players have from EURA tournaments). The ETS championship on Saturday  will not be taken into account since seeding will be ready before hand.


Q: How are teams ranked within a country by EURA for Sunday ?

A: We will take a look at players ETS points first and foremost.

Case 1: None of the teams have EURA points. In this case, we will be using the rankings provided by NGBs. We will not use point sfrom the ETS Championship on Saturday because seeding will already be done before hand.

Case 2: Some players have EURA points. In this case, we will compare EURA seedings and NGB seedings. If the EURA seedings and NGB seedings are the same, we will leave it as is. Otherwise:

- If seedings are not the same between EURA and NGB, but all teams have ETS points, we will respect the EURA seeding (same as the rest of the season, top 3 results of players individually).

- If seedings are not the same between EURA and NGB, because one player from one team does not have points, we will prefer respecting the EURA rankings to reward teams with both players who have participated in European events.

- If seedings are not the same between EURA and NGB, but one player on two or three different teams don't have points, we will prefer to respect the NGB ranking since there is too much missing data on our end in this case.

We have created this "plan" to follow, but reserve the right to use our subjective opinion and NGB's subjective opinion to change seeding.

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