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Gold Division

From the season 2023 onwards, European Roundnet Association is introducing a new division - Gold across its ETS events in the open category. Ideally, it will serve as an inspiration to unify divisions across Europe and its respective NGBs. Only qualified players are allowed to participate in the Gold division. Who is qualified and how can you qualify ?


In cooperation with one of our main sponsors, Spikeball Inc., EURA has decided to award Gold status to all European Premier qualified players and North Americans residing in Europe. We do realize it is not the ideal solution, however given the circumstances, we firmly believe it is a good step into the right direction for the time being. 


Additionally, In order to fit the needs of top European players, EURA awarded the Gold status to the following players, who performed extraordinary well (top 4) at big European events in 2022. 


These tournaments and players are: 1. Mallorca Open (C. Rey), Prague Cashout (F. Claus), EURA Grandslam Sheffield (O. Kasan), EURA Grandslam Freiburg (M. Bürkle, J. Umlauft, J. Krehle, P. Schirop, Y. Heinen) and German Nationals (C. v. Hänisch, J. Petersen).


Find the full list of EURA Gold players here.


How can players qualify for EURA Gold? There are multiple options:

1. Gold status will be awarded to players (in non-gold teams) in contender division at each of the five ETS events (5 tournaments), that place in the top 4. Additional rule applies.

If a team playing in contender division, consisting of a Gold qualified player and non-gold qualified, finishes in top 4 team at 5th place will receive Gold status. A non-gold player cannot qualify for Gold with a Gold player.

2. Becoming a Spikeball Inc “premier” qualified player according to Spikeball Tour Series criterion in North America or Europe. Premier qualification automatically transfers into EURA Gold.

3. Placing top 3 at EURA selected sanctioned events - more information on EURA sanctioned events will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Requalification Guidelines: 

Players that were qualified for Gold in the 2023 season will automatically be qualified for the 2024 season. Requalifcation guidelines will then be set for that season.

What is the goal of the Gold division?

We recognize major differences in the level of play in Europe. Our aim is to have smaller divisions with more balanced matches in order to elevate players experiences, fun factor and stimulate the learning curve. 

Furthermore, only Gold players will be ranked and will earn points in the 2023 ETS season towards the future “Pro” division at ETS Championships 2023 in Italy. 


Thank you for your patience, your ideas and understanding. We are fully aware that this system is not perfect, yet, we are doing our best to help to grow and improve the sport.

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