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Sanctioned Events

Introducing EURA sanctioned events! As EURA, we realize that it may be logistically and financially challenging for some teams to participate in ETS events. However, we are aware that talented players are scattered all over Europe. Therefore, we would like to increase the opportunity of achieving EURA Gold status while decreasing logistical or financial challenges for our players. 


Moreover, sanctioning tournaments will boost tournament’s prestige, attract more talented players from the area and thus increasing overall level of play in the tournament’s area.  


How many teams will be awarded EURA Gold status?

Top 3 in the highest Open division, excluding Gold division.

Please note, additional rules may apply. For more information on the gold division, click here. If some of the teams in the top 3 already have the Gold status, the 4th, 5th and so on gets it (but only until Top 8).

How can a tournament be sanctioned?

Your organization needs to meet following criteria:

  1. playing surface: turf/grass

  2. Minimum of two divisions (Open/Women)

  3. Minimum 32 teams

  4. Set date


Why should I apply?

Better positioning for potential sponsors - better promotion, more registered teams, giving more Gold opportunities and bringing foreign or distanced talent to local players and your area, supporting European Roundnet

How to apply?

Fill in this form: and send us an email letting us know your interest in getting an event sanctioned.

Deadline: April 10th

What are some of the most important factors that your tournament should have in order to get sanctioned?

To name a few: geographical location, number of players in the area, tournament director’s (TD) track record, motivation or size. 


What is the point of sanctioned events?

Increasing opportunities for players to achieve EURA Gold status, especially by distributing events throughout entire Europe. Additionally, more EURA Gold players means more spots in Contender divisions across the ETS. Furthermore, we want to mostly support already existing/planned tournaments. 

List of Sanctioned Tournaments 2023

March 4

March 11

April 29

May 6

June 17

June 24

July 22

August 12

September 2

Mallorca Open, Spain

Aarhus Open, Denmark

St. Gallen Open, Switzerland

Tour Stop Majeur Paris, France

Amsterdam Open 2023, Netherlands

SH - Cashout 2023, Switzerland

Masters Erlangen, Germany

Roundnet Gent, Belgium

Tour Stop Majeur Lyon, France

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