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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

> Are these divisions compulsory for every tournament across Europe?

No. The above mentioned divisions will be across all 5 ETS events and the European Championship. Having said that, we wish to give a framework to NGBs and encourage tournament directors as well as communities to start using this proven system. 


> Can a gold player play with a non-gold player at ETS events?

Yes, however, only in the second highest division - contender. In addition, the non-gold player will not qualify for Gold even if their team finishes in top 3. 

Why? We want to prevent non-gold players being “carried” to Gold division (for example by a great server) and later on struggling there. If a player has a Gold status, it means, in most cases, that he performed exceptionally well on at least one high-quality tournament in the past. If you want to be Gold, you need to earn it.


My friend is gold, I am not, can we still play together at an ETS event?

Yes, you can. However, you will not earn Gold even if you finished in top 3.


> What are the current ETS divisions?

In Open category: Gold/PremierContender, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

In Women's category: Advanced and Intermediate/Beginner (we are hoping to use this season to implement a Gold Division for women's for 2024)


I am an US Pro/Premier, can I play at ETS in Gold division?

Yes, by all means! We would love to welcome you at our events and in our community! Let us know or use our channels to connect with people around Europe to support you on your trip.


​> Can a female player earn Gold status in open category?

Yes, if she fulfils one of the above mentioned criteria.


​> Why did you choose to award Gold to those players at those specific tournaments in 2022?

We had a discussion with community leaders and leading players and we all agreed that the level of those selected tournaments was extremely high. 


> If I qualify with my friend as a team, am I allowed to play in Gold division with him only?

No, you can play with anyone, who also has the Gold status - check the list for new potential teammates. 


> Is EURA Gold simply another name for Spikeball premier?

No. It is true that we took premier qualified players and awarded them Gold. However, we will have more and more Gold players who are not Spikeball premier, yet have the quality to compete with the best. We are trying to create more opportunities across Europe to earn Gold. Thus, more high skilled players can play at best tournaments in Europe. For updated information on the Spikeball Premier status, check out this page.

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