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European Observer Certification

We are really excited to launch the European Observer Certification Program. We believe it marks a big step forward in the growth of the sport in Europe. Thank you to the Observer Committee for their work developing the certification: Scott Beeks (GB), Marius Snoeck (FR), Antoine Macquet (GB), Jaro Cabala (CZE), Joshua Dülz (GER), Traian Colac (ROM).

Why do we need Certified Observers?

  • Self-officiating is a fundamental aspect of our sport, but as the sport continues to grow, observers will play a critical role in the legitimization and eventually professionalization of roundnet.

  • The certification will ensure the highest level of observing for the highest level of play. The aim is to make it a requirement that the final rounds of bracket play be observed by the best observers based on a level system.

  • The system is also designed to reward observers for their dedication and passion. As they work their way through the levels, they will then be selected to observe the biggest games of the season, like Tour Stop finals or even high-stakes games at Worlds. We are also implementing a remuneration scheme for observers this season and beyond.


How to get certified

  1. Become a EURA Member! Only members of the European Roundnet Association will be able to become certified observers. The membership will also allow you to play in European Tour Stop events and Sanctioned Events and be eligible for the European Rankings. Get your membership here.

  2. Read, understand and learn the IRF Official Rules and the EURA Observer Guidelines. Making sure you are confident in your knowledge of the rules and guidelines is really important as you may need to make quick decisions in fast-paced and high-pressure games when observing.

  3. Pass the European Observer Certification Test. This test will ensure you understand the rules and guidelines and are ready to observe.

  4. Join an Induction Call, which will be hosted by a member of the Observing Committee. These calls will allow you to ask questions and discuss some of the difficult calls you might face as a certified observer.

  5. Start observing and progress through the levels of the Certification System as you gain more experience. Once you have completed all of the levels, you will become a Certified Observer. More information on the levels can be found below.


Certification System

The Certification System is based around three levels which observers must achieve before becoming a fully Certified Observer. This scale will be used by Tournament Directors when allocating observers to games, especially when it comes to the final stages of bracket play.

Level 1

  • Pass the European Observer Certification Test with a minimum score of 90%

  • Attend an Induction Call hosted by the EURA Observer Committee

  • Have a valid EURA membership


Level 2

  • Observe at least 3 games

Level 3

  • Observe at least 6 games, including at least one quarterfinal game


Certified Observer

  • Observe a quarterfinal or semifinal game with a certified observer, who will score your performance based on an evaluation grid found here.


How will observers be allocated during tournaments?

The aim is for the following observer requirements to be implemented for the Open Pro, Women’s Pro and Mixed Pro divisions at ETS events this season:

  • Finals: all observers must be level 3 or above

  • Semifinals: at least one observer must be level 3 (or above)

  • Quarters: at least one observer must be level 2

Are you already an experienced Observer?

Individual NGBs have the ability to put forward members of their community who already have strong observing experience to the Committee. These observers will then be considered by the Observing Committee for a fast track to the appropriate level depending on their backgrounds and experience. This will allow us to start with a pool of level observers which will only grow as the season wears on. If you have significant experience observing high-stakes games and feel you could be eligible to be a certified observer, get in touch with your NGB to be referred.

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