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Sanctioned Events

Here are the EURA sanctioned events for the 2024 season! As EURA, we realize that it may be logistically and financially challenging for some teams to participate in ETS events. However, we are aware that talented players are scattered all over Europe. Therefore, we would like to increase the opportunity of achieving EURA Pro status while decreasing logistical or financial challenges for our players by having sanctioned events again. For clubs who did not get to host an ETS event, this also allows EURA to see if the club is capable of hosting a successful sanctioned event !

Moreover, sanctioning tournaments will boost the tournament's prestige, attract more talented players from the area and thus increase the overall level of play in the tournament’s area.  

How many teams are awarded the Pro status at Sanctioned Events?

Women’s Pro status & Open Pro status:

  • 16 or more teams (in the Contender division) = top 2 teams qualify

  • If a team or a player on the team already has the status, the next best placed team will receive pro status depending on the amount of Pro players present (capped at: x amount of teams with a pro player + 1). This will only happen until top 3.

  • Example: 2 teams are qualified with the pro status at a sanctioned event and they finish in the top 3. In this case, the status is only given to the 3rd place (2 + 1) team.

  • For more information check out the Pro Division page.

If there is a Pro Division at a sanctioned event, can players earn points for the ETS ranking?

No, points for the ETS ranking can only be earned at ETS events.

If there is a Pro Division at a sanctioned event, can players requalify for Pro for the 2025 season?

Yes, the top 4 team in the Pro division at a EURA sanctioned event prequalify for Pro for the 2025 season.

For more information check out the Pro Division page.

Which criteria needs to be fulfilled for an event to be sanctioned ?

Your organization needs to meet following criteria:

  1. Surface: turf/grass

  2. Minimum of 2 divisions: Open/Women

  3. Required use of EURA membership during registration

  4. Set date

Why is the EURA membership required at sanctioned events ?

The membership is required for players playing in Pro or Contender only since this division system has been set up by EURA and seeding is done using EURA points (excluding Munich). This helps EURA grow as an organisation to continue to develop the European roundnet scene.

Why should I apply?

Better positioning for potential sponsors - better promotion, more registered teams, giving more Pro opportunities and bringing foreign or distanced talent to local players and your area, supporting and growing European Roundnet.

How to apply?

Fill in this form:

Send us an email letting us know your interest in getting an event sanctioned !

Deadline: December 31st.

What are some of the most important factors that your tournament should have in order to get sanctioned?

To name a few: geographical location, number of players in the area, tournament director’s (TD) track record, motivation or size. 

List of Sanctioned Tournaments 2024

January 14

March 2

March 16

May 25

June 22

July 27

Riga Winter Open '24 (Latvia)

3rd Mallorca Open (Spain) - only for open division

Nordic Roundnet Challenger 2024 (Denmark)

Prague Cashout 2024 (Czech Republic)

München Masters 2024 (Germany)

Basel Masters 2024 (Switzerland)

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