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Seeding and ranking 2024

How will the seeding look like for the 2024 season?

At all ETS events and EURA sanctioned events (exception: München Masters, seeded using RGX points) the seeding of the Pro and Contender divisions will be done by EURA. Seeding will be solely based on the points from the 2023 and 2024 ETS events as follows:

  • Points from 2023 ETS events count for 25% of their value (Example: A first place at a ETS in 2023 which was 500 points will be worth 125 points in the 2024 season).

  • Points from 2024 ETS events will count for 100% of their value.

  • Seeding for a team will be based on the sum of the two player's individual seeding. That individual seeding is determined on the 3 best results (points-wise) of each player. 

Example: A player played at three ETS in the 2023 season in the Pro division (formerly known as Gold division) placing 2nd and 3rd and at two ETS at the 2024 season in the Pro division placing 2nd, 9th and 23rd. The points corresponding to these results are as follows:

  • 2023 results: 2nd (300 * 0.25 = 75 points); 3rd (190 * 0.25 = 47.5 points).

  • 2024 results: 2nd (300 points); 9th (80 points), 23rd (29 points).

To seed this player, the 3 best results are taken into account, only looking at points and not placement. The player will therefore have a total of 455 points (300 + 80 + 75).

Points are determined for a player within a division:

  • When a contender player gets Pro, they will be seeded with 0 points at their first tournament in the Pro division. *  

  • When a Pro player plays contender for the first time, the Pro - Contender teams will be seeded before the Contender - Contender teams with the Pro player that is seeded with points from the Pro division. Afterwards, if a Pro player plays in Contender again, that player will play with the new contender points.

* There is an exception for the Women's Pro and Mixed Pro division for the 2024 season. Since these Pro divisions were introduced in 2024 players that earn Pro status can still have points from the highest division from last year (Women's Advanced/Mixed Advanced), which will also be counted towards the seeding in the Pro division.

Pro and Contender divisions (open/mixed/women's) are seeded by EURA. Advanced and Intermediate/Beginner divisions are seeded by TDs (who have access to EURA points, if needed).

Sanctioned events do not count towards seeding.


What is the race for the Open Elite division at the ETS Championships 2024 about? 

There is a team ranking (on, link coming soon) that includes only the best two results of the current season. This ranking determines the top 16 teams who will be part of the Open Elite division at the ETS Championships 2024. This ranking will then automatically also be the seeding for the Elite division.

If there happens to be two or more teams tied at the same amount of points the team with the best result will be ranked (and seeded) higher. If the teams happen to have the two same exact results the team that had the better placement more recently will be ranked (and seeded) higher.

The demand and competition in the open division is increasing a lot every year which is why this Elite division has been introduced. There is no Elite division in women's pro because there are not enough players (yet! :) ) and there will be 3 divisions (Pro, Contender, Advanced) to separate levels.


What are the other Rankings for? 

There are other Rankings such as the Individual Rankings that will not count towards any seeding, but are there for comparing and to motivate players to climb up the ranking ladder. 

I am a non-European player, how will I be seeded?

Spikeball Premier points are converted to EURA Pro points as follows:

  • If a player has never played in Europe:

    • Open division: 0.6 coefficient

    • Women's division: 0.4 coefficient​​

  • If a player has played in Europe, seeding points will be taken from the tournaments played in Europe in priority. Example: John has played 10+ Spikeball tournaments and 1 ETS event. The 3 best results taken are the result from the European tournament and the top 2 results from the Spikeball tournaments.

For any other tournaments (non-ETS events or non-Spikeball events), a team will be seeded with 0 points at their first event.

How can I qualify for the Spikeball Championship?

For open and women's, points can be earned at the different ETS events. ETS Leuven counts for more points than the other ETS events.

For mixed, a European squad will be formed with the top 2 ranked mixed teams of the ETS season (with ETS points).


More info here on Spikeball's website.

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